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Tausende Jahre nach dem Atomkrieg formen sich auf der Erde die Vier Länder, geprägt von Magie und primitiven Technologien. Bevölkert wird die Welt von Zwergen, Gnomen, Trollen, Elfen und Menschen. Aber auch Dämonen treiben ihr Unwesen. Ellcrys. The Shannara Chronicles Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Poppy Drayton, Ivana Baquero, Austin Butler u.v.m. Nebendarsteller[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Rollenname, Schauspieler, Nebenrolle. (Folgen). Synchronsprecher. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 2 von The Shannara Chronicles: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von The Shannara Chronicles: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren.

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Hier findet ihr eine Übersicht zu den Darstellern der MTV Serie "The Shannara Chronicles. Dazu gehören Poppy Drayton, Austin, Butler, Manu Bennett, Ivana. Der Schauspieler Austin Butler spielte die Rolle von Wil Ohmsford in der Serie The Shannara Chronicles von bis Synchronsprecher von Austin Butler. Die Fantasyserie The Shannara Chronicles erweitert ihre Reihen der Darsteller und offenbart Informationen für die zweite Staffel.

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First King of Shannara Ilse Witch Antrax Morgawr Jarka Ruus Tanequil Straken Dark Wraith of Shannara graphic novel.

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Alfred Gough Miles Millar. Viacom Media Networks. MTV Spike Jonathan Liebesman. Amberle, the Princess of the Elven Kingdom, runs the Gauntlet, customarily an all-male race, to determine who will become the Chosen, seven servants of the Ellcrys, a great tree that holds back an ancient army of demons in a realm called the Forbidding.

She finishes seventh. When she touches the tree during the initiation ceremony, she has a vision of elves being slaughtered. The druid Allanon wakes up after a long slumber.

Wil Ohmsford's mother passes him the elfstones, a magical relic that belonged to Wil's late father. Wil decides to go to Storlock, the village of healers, to learn the healing arts there.

On the way, he is ambushed by a troll and saved by a Rover girl named Eretria, who drugs him and steals the elfstones. Allanon meets with the Elven King Eventine in the city of Arborlon and warns him that the Ellcrys is dying.

He leaves to seek out Wil and finds him in the treehouse where he had been drugged by Eretria. As the Ellcrys weakens, a demon named the Dagda Mor breaks free of the Forbidding along with the Changeling, whom he dispatches to eliminate the Chosen.

Amberle, haunted by the visions she saw when she touched the Ellcrys, flees Arborlon. She comes across Eretria, steals food and a horse, and heads for Wing Hove to meet with her aunt, Eventine's sister Pyria Sarah Peirse.

Allanon uses magic to uncover a codex, proving to Wil that magic didn't end in the War of the Races years ago.

The Dagda Mor attacks Allanon in his mind. Allanon and Wil learn that the Chosen are the key to the renewal of the Ellcrys; however, the Changeling, using Amberle's form, has killed them all except Amberle, who had run away.

Allanon and Wil track her to Wing Hove, where they are attacked by a Fury summoned from the Forbidding. The Fury kills Pyria and goes after Wil and Amberle.

James Marshall. As the Fury is chasing Wil and Amberle, an injured Allanon rises and kills it. The trio head to the Druid Cave to treat Allanon.

After leaving him there, Wil and Amberle head to Silver River to grab some of its mud, which has healing properties, but are ambushed by Eretria and another rover.

They are taken as hostages to the rover camp so Wil can teach Cephelo how to use the Elfstones. Wil is unable to do so, and Cephelo threatens to kill Eretria.

A Fury attacks the Rover camp but is destroyed by Wil, using the powers of the elfstones. On their way to Arborlon, they find an elf named Bandon chained and left alone and they take him with them.

At Arborlon, Bandon has a vision of Amberle dying. The Elven Council discusses the crisis of the Ellcrys and decides to let Amberle, the last of the Chosen, enter the tree and search for its seed, which must be taken to Safehold.

Amberle enters the Ellcrys, is put to a test, and gains the seed from the tree when she succeeds. The group prepares to take it to Safehold but realizes that the demon is still alive.

Amberle draws an image of a stained glass window, which she saw in a vision inside the Ellcrys. After being threatened by her foster father, Eretria sneaks into the elven palace and seduces Wil only to steal the elfstones again.

As she tries to escape the palace, the demon disguises itself as her and attempts to kill Amberle but fails and the real Eretria is arrested for it.

Bandon is revealed to be a seer. No one is able to find the demon, so they assume it must be a shapeshifting demon and prepare a trap to catch it.

Wil and Eretria realize that the demon was disguised as one of the guards and was aware of the plan.

Wil runs to warn Amberle, but the Changeling gets there first and is killed by Allanon, who orders the guards to burn it and save its ashes.

However, the demon comes back to life and kills the guards. Brad Turner. Ten years ago, a group of gnomes led by Slanter snuck into Arborlon in an attempt to assassinate the King, but ended up killing Prince Aine instead.

In the present, the expedition to find Safehold is ambushed by Cephelo's rovers. Amberle is taken prisoner while Wil and the escort are left to die in the wilderness.

Eretria receives her reward—her own freedom—and leaves the group, but comes back to free Amberle, take Cephelo prisoner and save Wil and most of the guards.

Once the group arrives at their destination, the Reaper, a demon hungry for death, has already killed the garrison and attacks them.

Cephelo lures it into an ancient field of chemical garbage and sets the field on fire, killing it. Meanwhile, Allanon asks Bandon to contact Amberle through the Ellcrys.

In a vision, he sees her dead at Dagda Mor's feet. News comes in about demon attacks on elven villages.

Ander suggests they seek the demon's source and enlists Slanter, who was captured 10 years ago, as a guide.

The Changeling, disguised as Arion, kills the King and takes his place. Zander Lehmann. While camping, Amberle has a romantic dream about Wil.

As a snow storm comes their way, the group decides to take a shortcut to Wilderun by passing through Pykon, a snowy Elven outpost.

As they get there, they are welcomed by Mag, a mysterious child, and Remo, an elf who is the property's caretaker. Elsewhere, Reaper rises from the ashes of the explosion and follows the group's tracks.

Remo reveals himself to be a torturer seeking revenge. As he begins to torture Amberle, Wil is able to stop him with the help of Mag.

The group tries to escape Pykon when the Reaper reaches them. Crispin is killed while fighting it. Wil, Amberle and Eretria fall off a cliff with the Reaper.

In Arborlon, the Changeling, disguised as the King, convinces Arion to find an ancient sword said to possess power to defeat Dagda Mor.

Once Arion succeeds, he is confronted by Allanon who reveals that the weapon is a talisman of evil and a danger to all.

Arion then stabs Allanon, removing him from existence. Meanwhile, Ander and Slanter find Dagda Mor's horde of demons.

Eretria is living in the ruins of San Francisco, scavenging Old World technology for Cogline with her girlfriend, Lyria, and wondering why Wil and Amberle have not come looking for her.

Wil is working in Storlock, training to become a Healer, when the mysterious Mareth arrives, seeking treatment for a burned hand. Meanwhile Ander Elessedil is struggling to help the Elves rebuild their lives after the battle against the Dagda Mor and his Demons.

Bandon has taken refuge in Skull Mountain, where he plans to resurrect the Warlock Lord. Allanon endeavors to stop him.

Riga goes hunting for Wil in Shady Vale. After learning that Mareth is the daughter of Allanon, Wil and Mareth search for answers.

Meanwhile, Eretria and Lyria are taken captive by a group of Rovers only to be rescued by the bounty hunter Garet Jax.

King Ander Elessedil seeks an alliance with Queen Tamlin, who demands that Ander marry Lyria in order to seal the alliance.

Bandon learns that Wil's uncle Flick lives in Shady Vale. Following a confrontation with Wil, Bandon kidnaps Flick and tells him he has three days to bring Allanon to Paranor if he wants his uncle back alive.

Meanwhile, Allanon is kidnapped by members of the Crimson. Ander's lover Catania is also murdered by Edain, an undercover Crimson agent.

Javier Grillo-Marxuach. Determined to destroy magic, Riga demands that Allanon yield the Codex of Paranor and tortures him.

Posing as Jax's prisoner, Wil infiltrates Graymark only to be trapped by Riga. Seeking the Codex, Riga drains Wil's blood.

Allanon and Wil are rescued by Eretria, Mareth, and Jax who escape following a skirmish with the Crimson.

Trying to cover up Catania's death, Edain tells Ander that she left Leah. Technical Specs. Episode List. Plot Summary.

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Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. Series of adventures, war, and evil that occur throughout the history of the Four Lands.

Creators: Alfred Gough , Miles Millar. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S1. Error: please try again. Everything New on Netflix in June.

October TV Calendar. Serier att se. Alone Christmas list. How Much Have You Seen? How many episodes of The Shannara Chronicles have you seen?

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Austin Butler Wil Ohmsford 20 episodes, Ivana Baquero Eretria 20 episodes, Manu Bennett Allanon 20 episodes, Aaron Jakubenko Ander Elessedil 20 episodes, Marcus Vanco Bandon 18 episodes, Poppy Drayton Amberle Elessedil 13 episodes, Melise Mareth 10 episodes, Vanessa Morgan Lyria 10 episodes, Gentry White Garet Jax 10 episodes, Emilia Burns Diana Tilton 10 episodes, Brooke Williams Catania 9 episodes, Glen Levy Learn more More Like This.

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A homicide detective discovers he is a descendant of hunters who fight supernatural forces. Emerald City — A modern reimagining of the stories that led to 'The Wizard of Oz'.

Merlin — Edit Storyline An Elvish tree, known as the Ellcrys, is dying. Edit Did You Know? Trivia The opening scenes show the collapsed Space Needle in Seattle.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Frequently Asked Questions Q: What type of mystical beings are featured in this show?

Q: Was the role for Slanter recasted? Q: What is the setting for this show? Language: English.

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The shannara chronicles darsteller Crazy Rich. Serien A bis Z Interviews. Bewerten Sie die Serie:. Queen Tamlin Caroline Chikezie Episoden : 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - - 7 - 8 -
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Firetrap Der hat sich mittlerweile vom Heldentum abgewandt und ist nur noch als Heilter tätig. Er spielt Gitarre und hat einen Bruder und eine Schwester. Er wird ins Abenteuer katapultiert, als er von seiner sterbenden Mutter read article magischen Tv gewinnspiele erhält und den Kino juist Allanon aufsucht. Ich bin anderer Meinung. Elle Triedman. Chikezie spielt die gerissene Königin Tamlin, die über das einzige Königreich der Menschen, Leah, herrscht. Bandon Marcus Vanco Episode : 1.
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October TV Calendar. Retrieved July nice sky gerГ¤teliste question, Archived from the original on The Shannara Files. Sections of this page. Viacom Media Networks. Nicht notwendig Nicht notwendig. the shannara chronicles darsteller Darüber hinaus gibt es link den Rollenbeschreibungen auch neue Informationen zur bevorstehenden Geschichte. Bisher war er bares rares bamberg in vielen Theaterstücken tv.spielfilm sehen. Crispin Source 0 See more. Die zweite Staffel wurde vom Für ihre Darbietung wurde sie für einige Preise nominiert und gewann source Awards als beste Newcomerin. The Wheel of Time. Anmelden via Facebook. Nach Freddie Mercury und Sie ist mutig, agil und alles andere als auf den Kopf gefallen. Die Handlung der Fernsehserie setzt eine Generation [3] später ein. Komplette Besetzung von The Shannara Chronicles. Im Gegensatz zu seinem Bruder betrachtet er das Leben eher als ein Fest und hat seinen Platz 2 life der Welt noch nicht gefunden. Castle: Review, 6. Allanon kann den Dämonenherrscher töten, Amberle wird zum neuen Ellcrys und die Dämonen werden wieder als Blätter in den Baum gebannt. Click Almanac. Regisseur Toa Fraser. James Trevena-Brown. März auf MTV statt. Castle: Kolumne, Auflösung von Castles Verschwinden.

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Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Castle: Kolumne, Auflösung von Castles Verschwinden. Kennt denn jemand die Buchvorlage und kann absehen, wie Seine Magie ist mächtig, kostet jedoch auch einen Preis. Mit figürlich dargestellten Gefühlen?

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THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES Season 1 NYCC TRAILER (2015) MTV Fantasy Series More info Räuber haben es auf die wertvollen Elfensteine Wils abgesehen. Als sie das Spiel starten, werden sie prompt in die Dschungelwelt reiterhof wildenstein gezogen — und in Spielfiguren u. Riga 0 Fans. Https:// Chiam. Bremen Kevin J. Darsteller. Austin Butler – Bild: Sonar Entertainment/Farah Films/MTV. Austin Butler: Wil Ohmsford. (20 Folgen, –). Hier findet ihr eine Übersicht zu den Darstellern der MTV Serie "The Shannara Chronicles. Dazu gehören Poppy Drayton, Austin, Butler, Manu Bennett, Ivana. Der Schauspieler Austin Butler spielte die Rolle von Wil Ohmsford in der Serie The Shannara Chronicles von bis Synchronsprecher von Austin Butler. Die Fantasyserie The Shannara Chronicles erweitert ihre Reihen der Darsteller und offenbart Informationen für die zweite Staffel. Darsteller. Allanon: Manu Bennett; Ander Elessedil: Aaron Jakubenko; Wil Ohmsford Für "The Shannara Chronicles" stehen noch keine Sendetermine in den.

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