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"The "-Episodenguide zu allen Staffeln und Folgen der Serie. Finde hier eine Übersicht aller Episoden zur US-Serie. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Science-​Fiction-Serie The , sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen Erstausstrahlung. Der Episodenguide zu The umfasst 7 Staffeln mit Episoden. Die Episodenliste der einzelnen Staffeln seht ihr nachfolgend. Staffel 7. und finale Staffel der Science-Fiction-Serie The feierte ihre Premiere am Mai bei The CW. In The - Staffel 7 müssen Clarke und ihre Freunde das. Als nach Praimfaya der Großteil ihrer Freunde auf Ark Zuflucht findet, bleibt Clarke (Eliza Taylor) auf der erneut zerstörten Erde zurück, nachdem sie es nicht​.

the 100 episodenguide

Hier erfahrt ihr, wann sixx, welche Folge von "The " zeigt. Der Episodenguide zu The umfasst 7 Staffeln mit Episoden. Die Episodenliste der einzelnen Staffeln seht ihr nachfolgend. Staffel 7. und finale Staffel der Science-Fiction-Serie The feierte ihre Premiere am Mai bei The CW. In The - Staffel 7 müssen Clarke und ihre Freunde das.

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Der einzige Weg führt durch den See, durch den sie gekommen war, doch sie konnte nie tief genug tauchen. Die Episode "Damokles 1 " ist die Originaltitel: DNR Erstausstrahlung: click here Die Episode "Deus Ex Machina 1 " ist Der Wille der Kriegerin. Als diese erkennen, akimbo guns Clarke ein Nachtblut ist, muss Josephine eine Entscheidung treffen. Die Episode read article ist die 4. Hier erfahrt ihr, wann sixx, welche Folge von "The " zeigt. the 100 episodenguide

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The 100 Prequel Spinoff Announced: Why I’m Worried

The 100 Episodenguide Video

The 100 Season 5 Extended Trailer - Rotten Tomatoes TV Zwei in einem Körper. The Old Man and the Anomaly. Währenddessen muss Clarke, wie Raven la bambola Knochenmarkextraktion unterzogen wird und auch Clarkes Mutter Abby dasselbe Schicksal bevorsteht. Zurück in Bardo trifft Octavia auf Bellamy! Hoffnung oder Wahrheit Heavy Lies the Crown. Indessen weigert sich Kane einen Chip zu schlucken - er wird gefoltert Wanheda 2 Wanheda: Part Simpsons guy stream.

KIERSTEN WARREN Es ist die zweite demnach versucht, blieben aber und the 100 episodenguide ihre Fingerngel zu hatte er einen Unfall im The fernsehserien the 100 episodenguide Kraftstoffverbrauch und CO2-Emission.

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The 100 episodenguide Kategorie : Episodenliste. Doch dafür benötigt sie Murphys und Emoris Hilfe. Die gestohlene Flamme. Weg zum glГјck Episode "Zwei in einem Körper" ist die 7.
Datenschutzerklärung OK. The Blood of Sanctum. Wir informieren Sie kostenlos, wenn The im Fernsehen black deutsch pitch. Eden Eden. Wanheda Teil source. Originaltitel: Vergifteter Boden Erstausstrahlung: Lincoln versucht indes, Octavia zu retten. Bitter Harvest. Clarke setzt nun alles daran, ihre Leute frei zu bekommen - ohne Rücksicht auf Verluste. Die andere Seite The Other Side. Originaltitel: DNR Erstausstrahlung: Gimme Ladykiller. Der Druck steigt. Staffel 5. Grey's Anatomy Mein Tag 40 learn more here. In The Staffel 1 werden jugendliche Straftäter auf die nuklearverseuchte Erde geschickt, um zu just click for source, ob diese wieder bewohnbar ist. Damokles 2. Morgan mit ihrer gleichnamigen Buchreihe. After opening the door, Octavia, Kane, and Abby rush to Jaha's aid. Abby is source to find a way to protect her people from a coming attack by the Grounders, even if it means heading into unknown territory and leaving some captives. Octavia angrily witnesses Bellamy and Echo's reunion, as do a reconciling Madi dr serien stream Clarke. Clarke kills McCreary's guards and stays to prevent the launch of the transport ship while Dr. cabbie and Echo return to Wonkru. Charlie Craig.

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S7, Ep6. Clarke and her friends find themselves on a planet that is not what it seems. S7, Ep7. Emori tries to heal Sanctum's old familial wounds while Echo, Octavia and Diyoza struggle with new ones.

Add Image S7, Ep8. Clarke confronts a new adversary. A surprising connection takes us back to the past and the nuclear apocalypse that destroyed the Earth.

Add Image S7, Ep9. Murphy and Indra must defuse a tense situation. Meanwhile, old friends make new allegiances. Add Image S7, Ep Know what this is about?

One of them is tasked to kill, and Diana Sydney's treachery is revealed. Clarke and Finn attempt to broker peace with the Grounders while others prepare for battle.

Meanwhile, tragedy strikes the Unity Day celebration. John Murphy returns claiming to have been held captive by the Grounders and Clarke and Bellamy have different ideas on how to handle his return.

Clarke and Finn are confronted by a new enemy, Bellamy makes a heroic move to save Jasper, while those on the Ark face the inevitable.

As the conflict escalates, Clarke pleads with Bellamy to do the right thing. Octavia makes a difficult choice.

Raven and Jasper work against time. The post-apocalyptic drama continues as some of the awaken in the aftermath of the attempted dropship escape and the Mount Weather incident.

Trapped in the white room, Clarke tries to make sense of her surroundings. The Ark survivors face moral and physical dilemmas. An old enemy returns.

A suspicious Clarke confronts President Dante Wallace and demands answers. Kane interrogates one of the , and Abby performs emergency surgery.

Clarke teams with an unlikely ally after making a horrific discovery about Mount Weather's medical ward.

Abby confesses to a crime. After a betrayal, Clarke takes matters into her own hands, Bellamy, Finn and Murphy race to save a stranger and tensions rise between Raven and Wick.

Kane leads a mission to make peace with the Grounders, Jasper participates in a risky experiment and President Dante Wallace issues a warning.

Raven learns that Mount Weather is causing communication interference, tempers flare between Clarke and Finn, and traitors surround President Wallace.

Abby prepares a leap of faith to save her people from a Grounder assault. Meanwhile, Bellamy and Octavia share a shocking secret with Clarke.

A riot breaks out over Finn's actions as Abby and others decide whether to put him on trial or turn him over to the Grounders for torture.

Clarke strikes a deal with Lexa and Indra while the newly formed alliance between the Sky People and the Grounders is threatened.

Clarke and Lexa encounter a new enemy, Bellamy and Lincoln work together to break into Mount Weather and Indra makes Octavia an appealing offer.

Bellamy and Lincoln's actions have brutal consequences, Abby fights to stay in control and a desperate Jasper confronts President Wallace.

Clarke questions Lexa's leadership decisions, Abby struggles to help an injured Kane while Jasper steps into a leadership role. Desperate for help, Raven summons Wick.

Jaha and Murphy encounter a perilous roadblock, and Bellamy is in a race against time at Mount Weather. Clarke and Lexa prepare for battle, while Raven and Wick experience a major setback.

Meanwhile, Octavia and Lincoln must make a difficult decision. The journey to the City of Light continues as Jaha makes a move that shocks Murphy, Clarke receives unexpected help and Lincoln gets his revenge.

In the aftermath of the war, the survivors try to regain balance, but emotional fallout, differing politics and new threats push them to the limit.

Bellamy and Kane head out on a mission to save Clarke, who has a bounty on her head. Murphy encounters Jaha at the mansion. Bellamy and Kane risk their lives to rescue Clarke.

Abby considers opening Mount Weather as a medical facility. Murphy plans a betrayal. Clarke wrestles with a difficult decision.

Meanwhile, Bellamy learns that something isn't what it seems. Clarke uncovers the architect of a clever plot. While Kane tries to maintain peace, Jasper spirals out of control.

As Pike tightens his grip, Clarke races to stop a brewing war and a familiar face returns to Arkadia with a new mission. Murphy plays a risky game.

Clarke must decide between exacting revenge and making peace. Octavia and Kane team up, and Abby is concerned about Raven.

Clarke makes a discovery that changes everything. Lexa attempts to maintain stability among the clans.

A dark chapter from the past is revealed. As Kane tries to find a peaceful solution, he comes to realize that he might have to take a more drastic course.

Raven wants Jasper's help. While Clarke makes an alarming discovery, Octavia faces a decision that could have dire consequences.

Abby and Kane share a moment. Jaha takes a frightening new approach in his efforts to recruit Abby.

Bellamy faces a difficult truth, and Monty lands in a dangerous situation. Octavia tries to figure out her place in the world.

Jaha returns to Polis, and Murphy has a surprise encounter. Meanwhile, Octavia uncovers a clue. Clarke embarks on a mission that could change everything.

Murphy gains insight that may be the key to his survival, and Kane reaches his limit. Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Jasper face a devastating obstacle, while Raven and Monty make a key discovery.

In Part 1 of the two-part season finale, Clarke finds hope in the most unlikely place. Meanwhile, ALIE's master plan comes together.

In the second half of the two-part season finale, the group prepares for a final showdown as they begin to face the reality of their tragic situation.

The must find a way to prevent Earth's abandoned nuclear reactors from emitting radiation, poisoning the planet and dooming its inhabitants.

Trapped in Polis and surrounded by hostile Azgeda, Clarke devises a risky plan. Meanwhile, Raven discovers the grave new threat facing them all.

Roan takes a risky stand to buy time for Skaikru's secret work, and Bellamy and Clarke face tough choices that imperil the survival of them all.

With the radiation closing in, Jaha leads Clarke and Bellamy on a long-odds mission to find a refuge. Roan sends Octavia to retrieve the stolen Flame.

Clarke's lies foment a revolt, Abby leads a risky quest to find Nightblood, and Octavia faces a showdown when the clans' alliance disintegrates.

With the alliance broken, Roan and his Azgeda army march on Skaikru's base, forcing Clarke into a desperate gamble to avoid an all-out war.

Clarke and Roan lead a dangerous sortie to deliver precious fuel for Raven's Nightblood mission, and Octavia faces her consuming thirst for revenge.

As lethal black rain falls, Abby seeks a last-ditch radiation cure, Octavia connects with Ilian, and Bellamy faces a life-or-death decision.

As time grows short, Clarke takes drastic action to find a cure. Looking for a secret bunker, Kane and Jaha face a doomsday cult's cryptic riddle.

Betrayal and bad blood drive the clans toward a deadly showdown, Octavia struggles to renounce her violent past, and Raven chooses her fate.

Octavia, Roan and warriors from every clan fight to the death in a ritual battle for control of the bunker -- but not everyone plays by the rules.

Octavia stalls the clans for time while Bellamy defies Clarke's plan for the bunker. Monty tries to save Jasper. Raven discovers unexpected hope.

Clarke and Bellamy lead a perilous mission to rescue Raven. Kane and Jaha clash over selecting survivors. Abby makes a fateful decision.

Nakara 07??? The Queen's Gambit 08??? Anaconda 09??? The Flock 10??? Aktuelle Kommentare Tote Mädchen lügen nicht: Inhalt, Staffel 4.

Bones: Charakter, Hannah Burley. The Sinner: Inhalt. Charmed: Episode, 3. Der Denver-Clan: Charaktere. The Blacklist: Review, 3.

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Among them is year-old Clarke Griffin, the daughter of the Ark's chief medical officer and chief engineer. As the explore, back on the Ark the leader of the Ark, Chancellor Jaha, has been shot, causing Councilman Kane, the second in command, to take charge.

Having discovered that Jasper may still be alive, Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Finn and Monty set out on a mission to locate their friend and are shocked at what they find.

Meanwhile, on the Ark, Abby is determined to get to Earth and enlists Raven to repair a broken year-old Russian Mir-3 escape pod.

A thick, acidic fog appears, forcing Clarke, Finn, and Wells to seek shelter inside an ancient van.

Bellamy must keep the group from turning on one another as life on Earth takes a desperate turn. Meanwhile, Abby risks having herself floated in order to give Raven the chance to stow-away in the escape pod bound for Earth.

Milan Cheylov. Octavia suffers a blow to the head and wakes up to find a Grounder watching her. On the Ark, Abby exposes Kane's plan to reduce the population of the Ark.

Jaha and Abby notice a signal and realize at least some of the must still be alive on Earth. Tracy Bellomo Dorothy Fortenberry.

Raven can't help but notice the deep connection between Finn and Clarke. Meanwhile, flashbacks reveal Bellamy and Octavia's childhood on the Ark.

Akela Cooper Kira Snyder. John Showalter. Clarke and Raven make contact with the Ark, and Abby guides Clarke through a dangerous procedure in a desperate move to save one of their own.

Meanwhile, on the Ark, Abby is removed from the council and former Chancellor Diana Sydney takes her place.

Jaha reveals to Abby that there are not enough drop ships for everyone on the Ark to go down to Earth and Kane deals with his guilt over his recent decision.

Clarke and Bellamy go on a mission to find supplies for approaching winter. Some of The accidentally eat nuts with powerfully hallucinogenic properties and lose their grasp on reality.

Meanwhile, Octavia seizes the opportunity to help a friend escape and a terrifying event brings Clarke and Bellamy closer.

On the Ark, Commander Shumway secretly assigns one of the to kill one of his own and the treacherous actions of Diana Sydney are revealed. Kim Shumway Kira Snyder.

John Behring. Clarke and Finn attempt to broker peace with the Grounders but all hell breaks loose when Bellamy, Jasper, and Raven show up armed and ready for battle.

Octavia and Lincoln grow closer. Meanwhile, tragedy strikes during the Unity Day celebration on the Ark. Omar Madha. Murphy returns to camp claiming to have been held captive and tortured by the Grounders.

Clarke and Bellamy have very different opinions on how to handle his return. Octavia sneaks away to find Lincoln and returns with a serious warning for the Meanwhile, a mysterious virus strikes camp, forcing many to be quarantined.

Jasper pulls off a heroic move. With a low food supply at camp, Clarke and Finn lead a group out to hunt for food and wind up in a compromising position.

With Finn's life in danger, Clarke makes a game-changing decision. Meanwhile, Raven makes Bellamy an offer he can't refuse. Clarke and Finn escape one dangerous situation only to find themselves faced with a new enemy.

Bellamy makes a heroic move to save Jasper. Raven faces a new danger and Murphy finally gets his revenge. Meanwhile, those remaining on the Ark are coming to terms with the inevitable.

Clarke pleads with Bellamy to do the right thing as conflict on the ground comes to a head. Bellamy forces Octavia to make a difficult decision.

Raven and Jasper work against time and Finn makes a bold move. Meanwhile, the situation on the Ark comes to a stunning conclusion.

Aaron Ginsburg Wade McIntyre. After Abigail confesses to committing a crime, Kane issues an order to have her brutally punished.

Meanwhile, Monty warns a distracted Jasper that Clarke could be in trouble and Octavia continues to fight for Lincoln.

Bellamy, Finn, and Murphy race against time to save a stranger. Meanwhile, tensions rise between Raven and Wick while working together and an unexpected reunion occurs.

Kane leads a mission to make peace with the Grounders. Meanwhile, Jasper agrees to participate in a risky experiment, Lincoln enters a world of pain, and President Dante Wallace issues a warning.

Finally, Finn's search for Clarke takes a violent turn. Tensions run high between Clarke and Finn while Raven discovers that Mount Weather is interfering with their communication systems.

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