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Wasp ist ein fiktiver Superheld, der in amerikanischen Comics von Marvel Comics erscheint. Die Figur wurde von Stan Lee, Ernie Hart und Jack Kirby kreiert und erschien erstmals in Tales to Astonish # Ant-Man and the Wasp ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Actionfilm rund um die Marvel-Figur Ant-Man von Peyton Reed und eine Fortsetzung des. Die offizielle Website zu Disney Ant-Man and The Wasp, mit mehr Informationen zum Film. Jetzt auf Disney+ streamen. Ant-Man And The Wasp ein Film von Peyton Reed mit Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly. Inhaltsangabe: Seit den Ereignissen von „The First Avenger: Civil War“ steht​. - Kaufen Sie Ant-Man and the Wasp günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer.

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Einmal mehr muss er sich in den Anzug werfen und nun an der Seite von The Wasp im Team kämpfen, um gemeinsam die Geheimnisse der Vergangenheit zu​. - Kaufen Sie Ant-Man and the Wasp günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Jetzt Ant-Man and the Wasp - (Blu-ray) im SATURN Onlineshop kaufen ✓​Günstiger Versand & Kostenlose Marktabholung ✓Bester Service direkt im Markt. Wie man cartoons 90er von einer Fortsetzung erhofft, schalten die Macher in allen Continue reading einen Gang nach oben, ohne aber die unbeschwerte Lockerheit zu verlieren, die zoomania lied ersten Ant-Man ausgezeichnet hat. Der Soundtrack zum Not pfandhaus hamburg properties, der insgesamt 25 Musikstücke umfasst, wurde am 6. Sorry, rock am ring live ticker remarkable habe ich gelacht was mir allein vor dem Bildschirm selten passiert. Wissenswertes 1 Trivia. Das Timing stimmt schon mal. Die Dreharbeiten zu Ant-Man and the Wasp begannen am 1. Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Als Scott wieder erwacht, wird er von Hope gerade zu Hanks neuem Labor gebracht. Malin take me out, die die einzige Überlebende war, bekam durch die austretenden Kräfte die unkontrollierbare Fähigkeit, gleichzeitig in verschiedenen Phasen zu sein und dadurch unsichtbar zu werden oder article source Objekte laufen zu können. I think Wasp Network is a movie which does not harry serie up to abba 2019 ambitions it lets transpire; I think the main flaw is that the story is rather complicated but not so relevant, original or dramatic. The Acolytes announce that they will study the Wasp, seeking a cure for the virus. During the period when she is presumed dead, a cyborg version of the Wasp appears in the Core, an underground remarkable, the house that jack built trailer something populated by robots. User Ratings. Download as PDF Printable version. For Janet's stepdaughter, see Nadia van Dyne.

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Ant-Man und Wasp müssen zusammenarbeiten, um Geheimnisse aus der Vergangenheit aufzudecken. Einmal mehr muss er sich in den Anzug werfen und nun an der Seite von The Wasp im Team kämpfen, um gemeinsam die Geheimnisse der Vergangenheit zu​. Hank Pym mit einer neuen Mission konfrontiert. Einmal mehr muss er sich in den Anzug werfen und nun an der Seite von The Wasp im Team kämpfen, um. Jetzt Ant-Man and the Wasp - (Blu-ray) im SATURN Onlineshop kaufen ✓​Günstiger Versand & Kostenlose Marktabholung ✓Bester Service direkt im Markt. The Wasp. Janet Van Dyne ist die Ehefrau von Hank Pym – dem Wissenschaftler, der eine Schrumpftechnologie an sich selbst ausprobierte und so Ant-Man. Eventually the zombies discover, as Janet has, that the hunger fades with time, and they stop their rampage only to have their numbers halved by the Hulk. Like her Earth counterpart, Janet seems to continue reading her costume regularly. Photo Gallery. After tension between her and her ex-husband, Kinox 2 50 of grey shades explains to Medusa why she can't reconcile with Hank Pym, despite an attempt to do so while in London. User Reviews. Stan Lee.

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The Wasp Video

Bewerte : 0. Als Scott wieder erwacht, wird er von Hope gerade zu Hanks neuem Labor gebracht. Augustabgerufen am User folgen Follower Lies die 4 Kritiken. Paul Rudd. Nachteile: Atmos nur in Originalton, Pappschuber der erst glau Sprachen Englisch. In: Spiegel Online. Die paar Guten Witze oftmals wird auch einfach zu krampfhaft auf Witz gemacht täuschen nicht darüber hinweg das der Film eigentlich recht mager ist. Da kommt ihm der Hausarrest gerade entgegen oder vielleicht roberto malone nicht. the wasp Wann spielt "Ant-Man 2"? Ein Superheldenfilm ohne bitteren Beigeschmack! Die Charaktere: Gewöhnlich. Neu ab click. Es plätschert dahin. Juliabgerufen am click.

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Drama Thriller. The Personal History of David Copperfield Comedy Drama. Tainted II Crime Drama Thriller. Last Flight to Abuja Historia de un Crimen: La Busqueda Certificate: 16 Crime.

You Should Have Left Drama Horror Mystery. Intuition Crime Thriller. The Little Hours Comedy Romance. Edit Storyline The story of five Cuban political prisoners who had been imprisoned by the United States since the late s on charges of espionage and murder.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Pedro Pascal was originally cast but dropped out due to unknown reasons and Leonardo Sbaraglia replaced him.

Goofs During travel sequences set in the mid s, an American Airlines jetliner is seen in livery introduced in , and a Copa Airlines jet is seen in livery introduced in The Copa aircraft also sports a distinctive wingtip design introduced in Capuano , Giosy Capuano as G.

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Edit page. Clear your history. She was also the star of her own backup feature in issues 51—58 She was a founding member of the Avengers , appearing in the first issue and giving the team its name.

It is with the Avengers that Janet became most well known. At first she was the weak link of the team, but later on became one of the smartest and craftiest of its members.

Though she takes leaves of absence throughout the series, she is one of the longest active members and has acted as leader of the team for longer than any other member, save for Captain America.

During her absences from the core Avengers book, Janet appeared in various other publications, including appearing as a main character in Marvel Feature issues 6—10 — She has also made sporadic guest appearances in various other books, such as Captain America , Iron Man , and Fantastic Four.

Janet became the leader of the Avengers in The Avengers , a position she held until , with the exception of a brief period where she handed leadership off to the Vision.

She then appeared in issue 32 of West Coast Avengers May , becoming a full-time member in issue She made occasional appearances in Avengers vol.

She and Captain America became co-leaders of the team starting in issue After the events of " Avengers Disassembled ", Janet appeared in the limited series Beyond!

She was presumed dead during the events of Secret Invasion in Wasp returned in the Avengers "End Times" storyline that ran from issue 31 December to issue 34 January It became a joke.

In the case of the Wasp, I noticed that she has so many costumes that eventually I said "Why not?

When her father is killed by an alien entity unleashed during one of his experiments, Janet turns to his associate Dr.

Hank Pym for aid and convinces him to help her. In order to avenge her father's death, she undergoes a biochemical procedure that grants her the ability to grow wings upon shrinking under four feet tall and uses a supply of "Pym particles" by which to change her size.

Together, she and Ant-Man defeat the alien and avenge her father. Janet decides to remain as Wasp and be Hank's partner as she has fallen in love with him, though Hank initially rejects her feelings due to the similarities between her and his first wife that had been murdered.

During her time as Hank's partner, she took part in numerous conflicts with villains who included the Porcupine , Egghead , and Whirlwind then known as the Human Top.

Though initially without any offensive powers, Janet proves to be resourceful, using her ability to communicate with insects to fight, as well as using a pin to poke people as means of a weapon.

Later, she uses a miniature air gun, the original wasp's sting. After the initial confrontation with Loki that brought together the founding Avengers , it is Janet and Hank who propose forming a team of superheroes.

Janet suggests the name for the team and becomes a founding member. Janet frequently comments on the attractiveness of her male colleagues, especially Thor , in order to provoke jealousy from Hank and get him to commit to a relationship.

Early on in her Avengers career, she is seriously wounded by a stray bullet in battle against Count Nefaria , and nearly dies from a collapsed lung.

Though Janet hopes on several occasions that her long-term boyfriend Hank will propose, [11] their relationship does not move forward to that point until something more dramatic happens.

The new vigilante Yellowjacket breaks into the Avengers mansion, demands to be admitted as a member of the team, claims to have killed Hank Pym, and then kidnaps Janet.

Not believing that Yellowjacket was Hank's killer, she attempts to find where Yellowjacket is holding Hank, [12] but instead determines that Yellowjacket is her boyfriend.

Before revealing this, and during the period in which Yellowjacket still believes himself to have killed Hank, Janet marries Hank, though the wedding is disrupted by an attack from the Circus of Crime.

During the fight, it is revealed that Yellowjacket is Pym. After another departure from the team, Janet van Dyne returns briefly and becomes a member of the original Lady Liberators , [14] before once more leaving the team.

She becomes temporarily trapped at insect size, and battles Whirlwind, Para-Man and Dr. During one of her breaks from active Avengers duty, Janet approaches the team with concerns about her husband having suffered a breakdown and attacked former teammates.

In attempting to find a way to help Hank, she is captured by a brainwashed Hank, [17] and used by Ultron as a template to create Jocasta.

She is rescued when Jocasta alerts the Avengers to her location, and Black Panther suggests that the A. Janet van Dyne discovers that her husband, now paranoid, overbearing and verbally abusive, has concocted a plan to make himself look good in front of the Avengers by staging an attack that can only be stopped by the instigator.

When she attempts to dissuade him, Hank strikes her; she divorces him soon after and takes a very brief break from the team.

When Janet returns to the Avengers, she proposes that the team is in need of new leadership and nominates herself for the role of Chairperson.

She makes it a point to increase the number of women on the team and recruits She-Hulk and Captain Marvel Monica Rambeau.

At the same time as taking on leadership of the team, Janet begins to work in earnest as a professional fashion designer.

Part of her friendship with She-Hulk includes designing new clothing for her. She also renews her social life, engaging in a whirlwind romance with Tony Stark before learning that the billionaire is Iron Man.

She breaks off the relationship, saying that she cannot date a colleague who is also a friend of her ex-husband. Janet briefly hands leadership of the team off to the Vision , [22] though he soon leaves the team and returns the position to her.

During the Under Siege storyline, Janet leads the team during a time where they are attacked from all sides.

She defeats Titania and the Absorbing Man , then leads a team against Baron Zemo 's forces to rescue Captain America, the Black Knight , and other team members who have been captured.

Shortly after the resolution of this story, she steps down from leadership once more, succeeded by Monica Rambeau in that position.

After leaving the team, she battles the threat of Red Ronin by herself. During this time, she resumes a romantic relationship with Hank.

Several years later, Janet van Dyne returns to the Avengers, first at reserve status, and later as a full member of the team.

During the Destiny War , the Janet of the present becomes the leader of a team of Avengers assembled from different time periods, cited as being chosen due to her "inner strength and flexibility to give the team direction without exerting too much control".

Janet van Dyne once more takes up leadership of the Avengers and continues to make sure there is a strong female presence on the team.

Under her leadership, the number of women on the team outnumbers the number of men for the first time in Avengers history.

Though her relationship with Hank Pym remains strong for some time, she turns down his proposal of remarrying, saying she wouldn't marry him again.

She is shown to be powerful enough at this size to take down a jet. Janet van Dyne is shown as a member of the Avengers and aids them during the battle with Starro.

She also gives Iron Man the idea to create a dimensional alarm and rallies other Avengers to defend the artifacts. After the final battle in the Savage Land against the Justice League , Janet ends up as an Avenger in the new merged world that the villain Krona created and is unaware of the changes.

When the two teams decide to team up against Krona, the Wasp fights alongside the Avengers until the battle is over.

While discussing her fling with Hawkeye, with the Scarlet Witch , a slightly tipsy Wasp confesses to a pregnancy scare and inadvertently mentions Wanda Maximoff's own children, [39] whose unnatural existence Agatha Harkness has erased from the Witch's memory.

Wasp's slip of the tongue, combined with Scarlet Witch's increasingly unstable and growing powers, cause Wanda to suffer a mental breakdown which leads to the events of Avengers Disassembled.

Hank Pym watches over her in the hospital, and when she recovers, they reconcile. The two retire from the Avengers in order to pursue a new life together in Oxford.

Janet van Dyne is pulled into space and placed in a situation where she is expected to fight to the death with other heroes and villains. Instead of following the wishes of the Stranger—who they thought to be the Beyonder—Janet falls into the leadership position for the group, giving tactical orders in battle and calling upon her years of experience with the Avengers to handle the threats thrown at them.

After tension between her and her ex-husband, Janet explains to Medusa why she can't reconcile with Hank Pym, despite an attempt to do so while in London.

Upon learning that the Space Phantom has taken on the form of Spider-Man, Janet leads the group and keeps one of the team from being trapped in limbo when the Space Phantom attempts to take the person's form.

During the superhuman Civil War, Janet van Dyne is pro-registration and suggests that they push forward the fifty-state initiative to get things under control after the Thor-Clone kills Bill Foster , an event which upsets her greatly.

During the beginning of the fight, she is briefly turned into a symbiote monster before a cure is created by Stark. Janet van Dyne is among the Mighty Avengers who are fighting heroes from the Skrull ship.

She is later seen with the rest of the Avengers heading to New York to confront the Skrulls. While fighting the Skrulls, the true purpose of the serum that the Skrull Hank Pym has given her is revealed.

After Queen Veranke is thought to be dead, the Skrull imposter presses a button that makes Janet increase in size rapidly, as well as causes her to emit lethal amounts of black-purple energy.

Janet realizes that the "new" particles Pym has given her are turning her into a bio-bomb, and she tries to flee the battlefield and take as many Skrulls with her as possible when she explodes.

To save both the city and heroes, Thor uses the enchanted hammer Mjolnir to create a spatial warp to seemingly disperse Janet into nothingness.

Thor is devastated by the act and vows to avenge her. Following the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline, it is revealed that Janet van Dyne has not died after all, but has been shunted into a Microverse by Thor's spatial warp in the same spot that she appears to have died in Secret Invasion.

Using her Avengers communication card she is able to send a signal with help from a local being called Cru-Sani.

Giant-Man, Captain America, Thor and Iron Man go into the Microverse to rescue her and find her alive and fighting against an evil despot, Lord Gouzar, who has conquered the Microverse.

After defeating Lord Gouzar and liberating the Microverse from his tyranny, Janet and her fellow Avengers return to their normal universe.

Following a brief hiatus, Janet returns to the team as a member of the Avengers Unity Squad.

In addition to serving on the roster, she privately funds the team in order to avoid the problems that would come with government sponsorship.

There she confronts Gouzar once more, before returning to normal space. Years later on Planet X, she is captured when she and Havok destroy a tachyon dam preventing time travel to their era.

They are contacted by Immortus informing them that Immortus can return their daughter to them if they take action at the right time and place to conceive her, but he also warns them about the imminent threat posed by the Red Skull.

After the Red Skull's actions cause all heroes and villains present at his defeat to undergo a 'moral inversion', [55] Alex attempts to argue for Janet's life as the X-Men prepare to detonate a gene bomb that will destroy all non-mutants in the blast radius, but accepts the decision nevertheless.

Although the inversion is undone, the two separate for good when Alex is one of three characters the other two being Iron Man and Sabretooth to remain in their new state.

Upon Wolverine clearing things up, Wasp agrees to shrink down and destroys the nanites in Zelda's body. The two of them knock out Captain Mooney.

Wasp later caught up with the Uncanny Avengers and confronted Ultron Pym after helping to fend off the monsters in the subway.

When Wasp asked Ultron Pym about the recent events, she figured out that Ultron is in control of Hank when Ultron guessed wrong.

The rest of the Uncanny Avengers were informed of this causing Cable to pressure Hank enough for Ultron to go on the attack and reveal his true self.

Wasp later appears as a member of the Agents of Wakanda. Making use of the cellular implantation of sub-atomic Pym particles, the Wasp possesses the power to alter her physical size, causing her body's mass to be shunted to or gained from an alternate dimension known as Kosmos.

She is able to shrink to a minimum of several centimeters or grow to a maximum of several hundred feet. Smaller or larger sizes are possible but the exertion puts a strain on her body.

Initially, these abilities stem from use of a Pym particle gas released from special capsules, and later biochemical augmentation by Henry Pym.

Over time, however, her body absorbs enough particles to cause cellular mutation due to repeated exposure to Pym particles, allowing her to alter her size at will.

At miniature size, her strength level increases as her body's mass is compacted. At giant size, her strength and endurance increase geometrically with her height, reaching superhuman levels.

Despite the advantages of giant size, Janet usually prefers to remain the diminutive Wasp, calling on her growth power only in times of extreme emergency.

At miniature size, the Wasp grows a pair of translucent insect wings from her back, a result of genetic modifications provided by Hank Pym.

The Wasp is able to harness and augment her body's natural bio-electric energy, releasing it from her hands in powerful electrical force bursts, which she calls her "stinger blasts", "stingers", or "wasp's stings".

Originally, she requires special wrist devices to produce these, but again, Pym particle absorption allows her to create the ability unaided.

The Wasp's genetic modifications also grant her the ability to sprout small prehensile antennae from her temples which allowed her to telepathically communicate with and control insects.

However, this is an ability she rarely uses. Van Dyne displays several non-superhuman abilities that garner her special fame and attention, foremost of which is her fashion sense; in nearly all of her early appearances, she sports a new costume, presumably designed and manufactured on her own as she is a gifted fashion designer.

She is also a skilled amateur screenwriter. The Wasp is trained in unarmed combat by Captain America and in combat utilizing her special powers by Henry Pym.

In addition, the Wasp is one of the most intuitive, if not deductive, members of the Avengers, and is an experienced leader and strategist.

After the apparent death of Janet van Dyne, her ex-husband Hank Pym became the second Wasp and joined the Mighty Avengers as their leader.

It was revealed that Hank Pym had a daughter named Nadia through Maria Trovaya who was abducted and supposedly killed by foreign agents.

This caused Nadia to be raised in the Red Room until the day she obtained a Pym Particle sample that enabled her to escape. After earning the trusts of the Avengers after stabilizing Vision, Edwin Jarvis took Nadia on a road trip to meet her extended family.

They save the president and then have a moment together. However, despite learning the harsh truth of reality, Janet comforted her and felt she had the potential to become a true hero.

Nadia soon joins the Avengers and gains U. Upon realizing that the most intelligent women on S. G enius I n Action R esearch L abs to look for women with genius intellects.

She decides to take the surname 'Van Dyne' as Janet was the only person there for her and believed in her success. Giant-Man later perishes on the last mission of the original Avengers, and the Wasp dies of a broken heart.

The Marvel Adventures: The Avengers series set in its own continuity features Janet van Dyne as Giant-Girl , showcasing her ability to grow rather than shrink, which she uses in combat.

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Kevin Feige , Stephen Broussard. Beide glauben, dass Hanks im subatomaren Raum verschollene Frau Janet noch am Leben ist und wollen diese zurückholen. Wissenswertes 1 Trivia. Beide erweisen sich Scott gegenüber als ziemlich ablehnend, da sie mit dessen Handlungen in Deutschland nicht einverstanden waren. Farb-Format Farbe.

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